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turning your vision into success stories

Are you new to the business world and looking for guidance and the right resources to get you started? Are you looking to be placed in a hands on environment including  like-minded individuals? 

Our service marketplace is multi-functional. It is the consumer's favorite place to shop for local services. It is an owner's favorite platform to use that provides marketing services and solutions in the marketplace using social media; providing additional assistance in connecting owners to their ideal client.

Join over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners who receive bi-weekly business related and personal development tips!

The heart of The Village Project is collaboration, building relationships and providing events that sparks authentic conversations with topics that goes beyond the surface level of business development.


The Village Project is a business incubator for individuals who are in the seed stages and start-up stages in their business. We provide on-site workshops and LIVE webinars on current business related topics, host mixers to enhance relationship building and established a membership based network called SmallBizzBuzz providing structural resources for guidance, business longevity and leadership development.

OUr framework

Our framework is based on the start-ups developmental phases of business. The Village Project provides a holistic approach to meet the needs of the entrepreneur's journey to increase start-up success. 

OUr uniqueness 

The Village Project have an interest to help start-ups accomplish business and personal goals by providing a platform for start-ups to, also,  vocalize their fears and concerns. We've partnered with licensed therapists for additional assistance to help our membership based network, SmallBizzBuzz, with solutions when dealing with stress, depression, fatigue and any other stressors as members build their business.  

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Providing virtual and on-site resources to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.