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My name is Monet Woody and I started The Village Project after experiencing homelessness for several months beginning in February of 2014 due to the troubles of seeking consistent employment. At the time, I was a few months into my freelancing career as a marketing strategist; a career I became interested in after reading about social media management in a Google Ad. During my entrepreneurial exploration, I was exposed, for the first time, to networking events, local business owners, clubs and organizations that provided business development opportunities.

Eventually I stopped attending the networking events because it wasn't affordable and immediately recognized that building a business was not easy. This sparked my interest to create a platform that provides both virtual and on-site appeal. The conversations about entrepreneurship being an emotional and psychological price were never spoken. So, in the developmental phases of The Village Project, I decided to include services that not only focused on improving business efficiencies but the person operating the business as I recognized that there were a lot of entrepreneurs who, like myself, battled with depression, anxiety, PTSD, fatigue or other mental illnesses. This led to my interest in collaborating with therapeutic organizations to help create a plan that fits the lifestyle and needs of my entrepreneurs and small business owners. It was very important for me to not only develop an affordable membership based network for business owners to grow, scale and expand but to provide a convenient way for them to get to streamlined resources and strategies as well as develop a platform that provided a holistic perspective to business owners building businesses during infancy stages. With The Village Project, I aspire to introduce "wholeness" to the global business communities and provide education on how detrimental a healthy entrepreneur is to overall business growth.

- Monet Woody, founder and CEO

Monet Woody received her B.A in English from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Born, raised and currently in Richmond, VA, whenever Monet is not building entrepreneurs, she enjoys witnessing people come alive after revealing their authentic brand personality with her other company; Purple-Pond, a full service marketing company, watching horror movies, swimming, running 10K's and half-marathons and laughing at a good joke until she can't breathe! Monet Woody can be reached at: mwoody@thevillageproject.info. For more information on The Village Project, visit: https://villageproject.net


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